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They get together and pray
The holy men in black.
They obey every law
They follow every rule
They keep their women and children
Under total holy submission
So they´re sure to be heard from heaven.
And they raise their voices together
And pray for their own salvation.
While they pray for themselves
Fires rage in the fields and the bush
Of my beloved Australia.
Billions of innocent creatures
Cry for help - and burn alone.
The men in black are praying too loud
For themselves
To hear the plight of the koalas
The kangoroos, the marsupials
All those “lesser creatures” not worthy
Of their attention and their prayers.
But listen, holy men!
God´s little creatures
All those you despise – the little animals
The “ungodly heathen” who are not chosen
According to your laws
Are closer to heaven than you´ll ever be
With all your prayers and all your laws.
As you raise your voices and claim for salvation
Every single little animal, every single rescuer
Who faces the fires to save one of God´s creatures
Stand right now at the heavenly gates
Ahead of you – fully justified.

Dalva Agne Lynch
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